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Disputes between individuals and groups can occur in any environment over any type of issue, including in the workplace. There maybe some non-traditional approaches to resolving conflicts outside of the courtroom, which may have dvantages over the traditional method of litigation that can be quite costly, time-consuming and hostile or antagonistic; resulting in imposed decsions by judges and/or juries.

Disputes between employers and employees are governed by complex laws passed by both federal and state legislatures that often change with shifts in the political climate. It is could be extremely difficult for employers to stay on top of changes in Maryland employment law, and virtually impossible for employees to understand all their rights and potential remedies for unlawful treatment by their employers without assistance from knowledgeable attorney. What may have been acceptable conduct for employers a few years ago could now violate provisions inMaryland employment laws or the ever-evolving laws governing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Regardless of the issues in dispute if you and the disputing parties are willing to cooperate in negotiating a settlement of your differences under the guidance of an experienced attorney, you may be able to resolve your conflict without the expensive and lengthy courtroom battle.

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