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Many victims of workplace discrimination often think that they should just put up with it. They try to brush it off and just go with the flow, while trying to just focus on their jobs and earning an income. Unfortunately, ignoring this can also make things worse. You donít have to put up with it.

Unlawful Discrimination
It is unlawful for an employer to wrongfully terminate, discriminate or harass an employee because of that employee's race, sex, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, marital status, medical condition, age, or sexual orientation. An experienced employment discrimination lawyer can evaluate whether you have a case.

What is Workplace Discrimination?
Discrimination in the workplace can come in many forms; it can be blatant harassment, when an employee is subjected to constant racist or sexist or other inappropriate remarks and or jokes.

Other form of workplace discrimination can come as disciplinary actions, negative performance reviews, being passed over for raises or promotions. Regardless of the how the discrimination happens, we can help you.

Mr Kane has the experience to represent you for any type of workplace discrimination:

  • Racial and ethnic discrimination
  • Racial harassment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Sexual harassment

Follow Company Procedures
It is important that you follow your companyís procedures for filing a complaint. Mr. Kane can help you with guidance. You will need to document the workplace situation clearly. It will be very important to have a record of facts to provide evidence for your case.


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